Monday, December 26, 2011

All About Sticky Notes, Windows7

Sticky Notes is very useful application in Windows7, You can note all your Pending work, Appointments, Reminders and any Otherthing you want...You can find Sticky Notes also in Windows Vista, in Gadgets.

To Add Sticky Notes in Windows7

1 ) Open Start Menu by clicking windows icon on Taskbar.
2 ) Type "Sticky Notes" in "Search programs and files" textbox on Start Menu. (or goto "All Programs > Accessories > Sticky Notes")
3 ) You will see in "Sticky Notes" icon in statmenu, Click icon to Add ur first Sticky Note.
After you Add first Sticky Note, if you want to add more notes just click on "+" left side of your Sticky Note...
If you want to delete Sticky Note you just need to click "x" on right sire of on note just like other windows...
To Add Text on Sticky Note
1 ) Click on Sticky Note.
2 ) You will see Blinking cursor on Note.
3 ) Type what you want to add in your Note.
Edit Sticky Note Background Color
1 ) Right click on Sticky Note you want to change color.
2 ) Select Colour form Popup menu you want to set for you Note.
You will get Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow as your option.
Edit Sticky Note Text
To set Position and Arrangement of text on your note you need to use these keyboard shortcuts.

select text and press
Ctrl+L – Left-justified (Normal)
Ctrl+E – Centered
Ctrl+R – Right-justified
To set Font Style of your on text on your note you need to use these keyboard shortcuts.
select text and press
Ctrl+B – Bold
Ctrl+I – Italics
Ctrl+U – Underline
Ctrl+T – Strikethrough
You can Add Outline(Number/Dots) in a Sticky Note if you want by useing "Ctrl+Shift+L" keyboard shortcuts.
i.e. If you want Number Outline in your Note you just need to enter 1. and press "Ctrl+Shift+L", when you press "enter" the 2nd Number will in list it self you just need to enter your data...
Copy all your Sticky Notes to One from other Computer
You can't copy only selceted Note to other computer but you can copy all Notes you have on your desktop by following staps
1 ) Open Task Mnager by pressing Alt+Ctrl+Delete.
2 ) Open File Menu.
3 ) Select "New Task(Run...)"
4 ) Type "%AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\" in Run Textbox.
5 ) One folder will open, You will see file with "StickyNotes.snt" there.
6 ) Copy that to any removable device.
7 ) Follow 1 to 4 Staps on other computer, and Paste the file there.
8 ) Restart that computer.
9 ) You will see your All Sticky Notes on other computer.

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