Sunday, December 11, 2011

Turn a USB Flash Drive into Extra Virtual RAM

Turn a USB Flash Drive into Extra Virtual RAM For old slow computer.
You Need :

High-speed USB flash drive. (4Gb or more will be best)

Computer with an available USB port.

windows xp or higher os.

To Convert USB Flash Drive into Extra Virtual RAM

1 ) Insert the USB flash drive directly into an available USB port in your computer.

2 ) Format the USB flash drive you want to use as Virtual RAM. (to know how to format click here )
3 ) Wait for format to finish, restart system.

4 ) Right-click on your "My Computer" icon and select the "Properties" option.

5 ) Select the "Advanced" tab and click on the "Settings" option under the "Performance" tab.

6 ) Select the "Advanced" tab again and push the "Change" button under the virtual memory settings.

7 ) Choose your flash drive letter, select the tab for "System Managed Size" and push the "Set" button.
8 ) Click "Ok" to save your changes and exit the program.

9 ) When Windows asks you to reboot your computer, click "Yes."

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