Monday, December 12, 2011

Burning Data on DVD/CD without useing any 3rd Party Software

Burning Data on DVD/CD without useing any 3rd party software is easy as Copy/Paste data in one to other folder.
You Need :
Blank, writable DVD/CD
DVD/CD Recorder in your system

To burning Data on DVD/CD ...
1 ) Insert a blank, writable DVD/CD into your recorder/dvd-cd drive.
2 ) *Autoplay Window will open it self, Click Cancel because we dont need to use any off its option.(*if)
3 ) Open "My Computer"
optional preference to set (if you dont want to set this, jump to stap4)
- Find your CD/DVD Drive icon and right click on it.
- Select “Properties” from popup menu, Click on “Recording” tab.
- Check “Enable CD recording on this drive"
- Select hard drive that will be used to save temporary files.
- Select burning speed as you want.
- Check “Automatically eject CD after writing” if you want.
4 ) Open writable DVD/CD by double click on it, Drive will open in Windows Explorer.
5 ) Drag or Copy all files/folder that you want to burn to DVD/CD drive window.
6 ) Click “Write these files to CD” in DVD/CD drive window, you will found that on Left side of window in "CD Writing Tasks" options as image.

7 ) CD Writing Wizard will open, Enter the name for your DVD/CD with maximum 11 characters.(no tabs and none of this * ? . , ; : / \ | + = < > [ ] characters)
8 ) Click Next and Wait till Writing finished.
9 ) When finished, you can burn another copy, or click “Finish” to exit.

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