Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Safe Mode

Some time when we try to intstall some app or theme on Samsung Galaxy, Phone stuck in a restart loop, getting hung or get to slow, Start in safe mode and restart will solved this problame.
Safe Mode doesn't load all of the system data or app, just like safe mode in windows.

To turn on Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy, follow this steps ...

1 ) Switch off the phone by pressing on the Power button.
2 ) While phone is turning on press and hold the Menu button.
3 ) Continue to hold the Menu button until you see the Home screen.
4 ) When phone start you will see "Safe Mode" text on the left hand bottom corner.

Now you can remove any problematic app or theme from your Samsung Galaxy.
To turn off safe mode, Turn off phone and Then pull out the battery for 30sec-1min.. put battery back in.

i dont have much experience with samsung mobile yet but one of my reader Divyesh ask me about this so i am just sharing what i know.

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  1. Not recommended to pull out batterie

  2. no need to pull out batt, just reboot then will be in normal mode