Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Be careful if you are useing Cafe or Public computer.

Normally when you enter a username and password... Firefox will ask if you want Firefox to remember them, with "Remember", "Naver for This Site" and "Not Now" options. but hacker found a some trick by adding a small script there, if you are useing any public computer at office or cafe or any other place be careful if firefox on that computer hacked, its save your Username and Password silently without your permission even you click on "Naver for This Site" or "Not Now"।so if you are useing firefox on public computer just check if your Username and Password auto saved or not before left that computer.

Check and Delete if Username and Password if auto saved:

1 ) In Firefox open "Tools" menu and click on "Options".
2 ) Click the "Security Icon" from toolbar.
3 ) Click "Saved Passwords..." button, and the Password Manager will open.
4 ) You can see Particular website name and Username list there.
5 ) To be extra sure it's your id, Click on "Show Password" button.
5 ) If your ID and Password there in list, select them by click on it.
6 ) Click on "Remove" buttion to delete them.

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  1. Thank you, i am regular cyber cafe user i will be careful from next time.