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How to format USB Flash Drive.

How to format USB Flash Drive.Formatting a USB Flash drive is same as formatting any other drive.if you know few things ...
You can Format your USB Flash Drive with following way

Note : All your data in USB Flash Drive will lost if you format your USB Flash Drive, Please take backup all your USB Flash Drive data before format.

To Format USB Flash Drive with windows.
1 ) Plugin USB Flash Drive.
2 ) Go to "My Computer", right click on plugged USB Flash Drive.
3 ) Right-click USB Flash Drive icon and select "Format…" from the Popup menu.
4 ) To Format USB Flash Drive select best option for youafter reading following information in open form.
File System to select:
Option you will see as selection -
in Windows 7/Vista you will have FAT, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT
in Windows 98 you will have FAT, FAT32
If your USB Flash Drive Size is larger than 32 GB select FAT, FAT32 for other select NTFS
Allocation Unit Size to select:
the smaller allocation size you use, the less USB Flash Drive space that will go to waste.(but USB Flash Drive will run a little slower) or vice-versa...
Volume Label to select:
The volume label simply is the name of the drive, you can name what ever you want.
NTFS: maximum 32 characters, with uppercase and lowercase
FAT: maximum 11 characters, all uppercase

(no tabs and none of this * ? . , ; : / \ | + = < > [ ] characters)
Format Options to select:
If you select Quick Format only the files are removed from USB Flash Drive and no for bad sectors.
5 ) Click "Format" to format your USB Flash Drive.

To Format USB Flash Drive with Command Prompt.
1 ) Open Task Manager. (Press Alt+Ctrl+Delete to open Task Manager)
2 ) Select "New Task(Run...)" from File Menu
3 ) Window with titel "Run" will be open
4 ) Type "CMD" and press "Ok" in Form.
5 ) Type "Format " & USB Flash Drive Later to format. (i.e. if you want to format drive "X" type "Format X:") and press enter
6 ) Wait till Format progress finish.
7 ) Enter NAME for your USB Flash Drive in maximum 11 characters, all uppercase and press enter, and Format finished.

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