Saturday, January 28, 2012

Change Laptop Lid Setting

I know it's to Small or Beginner subject, but many ppl ask me there laptops automatically move into sleep mode when they close the lid, Its really nice power saver option but some time we might want to leave laptop running becasue of some download or data moving.

Here is the way to change laptop Lid setting ...

Windows 7
1 ) Left Click battery icon in your system tray
(system tray area is right side area of your taskbar, icon near your clock)
2 ) Small bettery Infomation window will open
3 ) Click on "More Power Options", It will open "Power Options" window
(you can open power window from control panel also)
4 ) Click "Choose what closing the lid does" on the left sidebar
5 ) "Define power buttons and turn on password protection" option will open
6 ) Select wht you want to do while you close shut you laptop lid, by seleting drop down list box next to "When I close the lid:"
(you will get Do nothing, Sleep, Hibernate, and Shut down as option)
7 ) Click "Save Chanes", close "Power Option" window
On "Define power buttons and turn on password protection"(after stap5), you can edit setting for yout laptop "Power button" and "Sleep Button" and you can set password protection setting, that ask you for password when its wakes from sleep mode by clicking "Change settings that are currently unavailable" under "Password protection on wakeup"

Windows XP
1 ) Open "Start" Menu
2 ) Select "Control Panel" form "Start" Menu
3 ) Click on "Switch to Classic View" on left sidebar
(If your control panel is already on classic view, ignore stap3)
4 ) Click on "Power Option" icon, "Power Option" window will open
5 ) Select "Advanced" tab
6 ) Select option from drop down list box for closing the lid option under 'When I close the lid of my portable computer'
(you will get Do nothing, Stand by and Hibernate as option)
7 ) Click "Apply" and "Ok"
On "Advanced" tab (after stap5) you can edit power button setting to, by select option for "When I press the power button on my computer"

Note : Do Not put laptop in bag or any soft thing like pillow while its running, its sure get overheat,it may be damage your laptop.

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  1. I don't know that, can you tell me what is best turn off or standby?