Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Access is denied", "file is open" and "disk is not full or write-protected" Error.

Sometimes when we try to delete file/folder from Windows, will receive error message that "Cannot delete file : Access is denied.", "Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected" or "The action can't be completed because the file is open in Windows Explorer." and its not allow us to Delete file/folder.

Here is the way to delete that File/Folder ...

1 ) Right Click on file/folder you want to delete.
2 ) Select "Properties" from popup menu.(if you dont see popup menu after right click move to stap5)
3 ) Uncheck all attributes of the file/folder.(Read me,Hidden...)
4 ) Remember Path of file/folder you want to delete, you will find path of file in file "Properties" as "location".
5 ) Open Task Manager by "Alt+Ctrl+Esc" go to File menu click on "New Task(Run)" type CMD and Press Enter to
open a Command Prompt Window.
6 ) Leave the Command Prompt window and Task Manager open.
7 ) In Task Manager click on the Processes tab, search for "Explorer.exe" form
Processes list, Right click on its and select "End Process".
8 ) Go to Prompt Window again. (If its hide use Alt+Tab open it)
9 ) In Command Prompt Window type "CD" & " "(space) & Your File Path.
(i.e. If my file is in "C:\Some Folder", so i need to type "CD C:\Some Folder")
10) To Delete File Type "DEL" & " "
(space) & Filename, or If you want to Delete Folder Type "RMDIR /S /Q & " "(space) & Folder Name. And Press "Enter".
11) That File/Folder Deleted.
12) Open Run by following stap5, Type "Explorer.exe" and hit Enter to start Explorer again.

Now That File/Folder Deleted without any Error, you can close Task Manager and Command Prompt window.

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