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Five Steps to Secure Your Wireless/Wi-Fi Network.

Five Steps to Secure Your Wireless/Wi-Fi Network.
We are useing Wireless Networking (Wi-Fi) everywear today with the computer, portable player, mobile phones, video game and other wireless devices anywhere in the house and we dont need cables and all that. With old cable natwork its extremely difficult for anyone to steal your bandwidth, but with Wireless Network its too easy to acess your Wi-Fi router if it not secure.

So here is FIVE Steps to secure your Wireless/Wi-Fi Network...

To protect your Wi-Fi Network, you need to access your wireless router’s settings. You can do this by typing in “” into your web browser in address box, and then enter the correct Username and Password for the router.(you can ask you internet service provider or check your router’s user manual.)

STEP1 Change Password and Name of your Network
Almost all routers have an administrator password that's needed to log into the device and modify any configuration settings. Most router's access point use a weak default password (like password, pass ext.) or don't have any password at all, your first step should be to change the default password to something else.
- You will found this setting under the "Administration settings" or "Security settings" of your router.
Wireless Router is usually pre-defined as "default" or is set as the brand name of the router

as your Router access point or your Network name. Its not that secure, so changing name of wetwork is good option to get more secure.
- You will found this setting under the "Basic wireless settings" of your router.

STEP2 Hide Access Point/SSID(Service Set IDentifier)
Most routers automatically and continually broadcast the network's name/SSID, It's make your Wi-Fi Network visible to any wireless systems within range of it(neighbors and passers-by).
- You will found this setting under the "Basic wireless settings" of your router.

STEP3 Use WPA(Wi-Fi Protected Access) encryption
Most routers use WEP(Wired Equivalency Privacy) password protection by default, WPA have limited to 0-9 and A-F as Password. Better way to protect your Wi-Fi Network is with WPA(Wi-Fi Protected Access). WPA provides much better and is also easier to use with more option.You can find WPA if you have windows XP or higher.
- You will found this setting under the "configuration page" or "Security settings" of your router.
if you have older devices, choose WEP, otherwise go with WPA2 and Enter password for our Network.

STEP4 Use MAC filtering
MAC addresses are unique address to specific network adapter of your system or device. so with MAC filtering you can set limited network access.(to know more about MAC address and to know how to find MAC address Click Here)
- You will found this setting under the "Administration settings" or "MAC Filter" of your router.
After enable MAC address filtering you can manage "Allow"or "Deny" selected devices.

STEP5 Reduce your WLAN transmitter power
Only few wireless routers have this feature, so you can control power of your WLAN transmitter and thus reduce the range of the signal precisely that it won't leak outside your home or business area. so neighbors and passers-by can't access your Wi-Fi Network.
- You will found this setting under the "Administration settings" of your router.

It's Five best steps that use with most of router, i am not sure you will found same in your router or not but if you search you will found same options with different name.

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