Saturday, March 31, 2012

Aprilfool Trick

Tomorrow is Aprilfool Day so here is trick that will help you to make your friend/family member fool without harm or damage computer.
i am putting very small trick(dont think its take long time because many steps in list) so you can do that when they are out for only 5-7seconds only.

To Play this Trick ...

1 ) Close every running/open Program
2 ) Press "PrtSc" key two times on your keyboard

3 ) Open "Paint"
you will open Paint from Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Paint
4 ) Press "Ctrl + V", to paste computer screen in paint
5 ) Press "Ctrl + S", Save As dialog box will open
6 ) Enter "File name:" as you want, Select "JPEG" as "Save as type:"
7 ) Select "Desktop" form Left side bar to save file, Click on save to save file, Close Paint
8 ) Open Saved file from desktop, make Right click on that
9 ) Select "Set as Desktop Background" from popup menu, Close open Image

10 ) Right Click on Desktop, Select "View" from popup menu
select "Arrange Icon by" if you are useing windows XP
11 ) Click on "Show Desktop Icons", You are done

Now, Anyone open this computer he/she will see normal desktop with icon but when they try to click on desktop icon it will not work, and person will think there is some problam with computer.

To move back everything normal, Follow staps 10 and 11, and change your Desktop Background the way you normally do.

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  1. nice idea, everything is to simple but i never think to use this option... the way you say