Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Create Custom Keyboard Shortcut in iOS 5

iOS 5 comes with only one shortcut, but you can define/create nw Shortcut your self to speedup your typing

To Do this ...

1 ) Select "Settings" icon from main menu
2 ) Select "General" Option from "Settings" options
3 ) Select "Keyboard" from "General" options
4 ) Scrollup Screen till you dont see "Shortcuts" options
here you will see one added shortcut "omw - On my way!" and "Add New Shortcut..." option
5 ) To add new shortcut, select "Add New Shortcut..."
6 ) New "Shortcut" page will open
7 ) Type the shortcut abbreviation in the "Shortcut" textbox, and what you want the shortcut to expand to in the "Phrase" textbox.

if i want to make new "Shortcut" called "blogadd" to save time to type www.pandyarushi.blogspot.in", i need to type "blogadd" in Shortcut textbox and "www.pandyarushi.blogspot.in" in Phrase textbox. Now when i type "blogadd", www.pandyarushi.blogspot.in will come it self.
9 ) Now just go and try to type what you ad
d as shortcut and have fun!

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